• Country: Japan
  • Exhibition: COSME TOKYO 2021 - 9th Int'l Cosmetics Trade Fair Tokyo
  • Booth No.: 3-63
Exhibitor's Details
HAQRA  Beauty Drinks
Contains the king of ceramides
The best drinking beauty serum

Sticking thoroughly to the beauty from the inside, you can get "every day with glossy firmness and luster" in one.
The rice ceramide called the king in the ceramide is luxuriously blended.

  • Brand Name: Natura+salon
  • Country of Brand: Japan
  • Suggested Retail Price (without tax): 24000 JPY
  • Lot [lot size for retailers]:12
  • Category:
    COSME TOKYO > Health Foods, Drinks
  • Features:
    Made in Japan
    Health & Beauty Foods, Drinks
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