• Country: Japan
  • Exhibition: COSME TOKYO 2021 - 9th Int'l Cosmetics Trade Fair Tokyo
  • Booth No.: 2-63
Exhibitor's Details
Miimeow Cleansing Balm
Clean the make-up and pore dirt deeply.

The texture melt on your skin and clean make-up and the pore dirt deeply, and do not needs W wash. It also contains 74% beauty ingredients, make your skin keep moisture and bright.

  • Brand Name: Miimeow
  • Country of Brand: Japan
  • Suggested Retail Price (without tax): 2000 JPY
  • Lot [lot size for retailers]:54/cs
  • Category:
    COSME TOKYO > Face Washes, Cleansings
  • Features:
    Made in Japan
    Distributors Wanted
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